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The Prodigy Phenomenon

The English band Prodigy turns out to be the most successful project ever, playing experimental music. Hence, they thrive painstakingly to re-establish their world fame through playing old hits, anyway, unique style of their music thrills and amazes and this enables to recall their success every now and then.

The band put together in 1990s and came to fame through releasing the What Evil Lurks single. The album?s popularity slipped high and was coined to symbolize progressive mainstream of those times. In 1991 the Prodigy was reported to go on their 25th tour across Europe.

In 1994, the Prodigy?s second album, Music for the Jilted Generation, displayed a wider spectrum of musical style. The album was nominated for a Mercury Music Prize. It was sold in 1 million copies and was peculiar of a mesh of break beat, funk, guitar, hip-hop and dance. The band?s member Liam Howlett was labeled Beethoven of nowadays. The international success of Music for the Jilted Generation meant that touring beyond the UK was now a viable prospect. The Prodigy have toured all over the world, including Beirut and Moscow?s Red Square. The prodigy also collected the MTV Awards Best Dance Act.

The third Prodigy album, The Fat of the Land, was released in 1997 and featured the UK No 1 Firestarter. Like its predecessors, the album represented a new milestone in the development of both the band and the wider mainstream dance scene. The album cemented the band?s position as one of the most internationally successful acts in the hard dance genre, entering the British and American charts at number one. The CD album was sold in 750,000 copies.

November 11, 1996 saw release of the Breathe single. It tuned out to be the best selling one in the UK. As many as 700,000 copies were sold in a 4-month?s time. The Prodigy then was rumoured to record a new CD album, named either Year 2000, or Mindblower. However, the rumours were not confirmed and the band faced a long-lasting artistic crisis. The Prodigy have failed to spark a new light in their fame since then.

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