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Waxed or unwaxed? From its inception in 1924, based mostly close to Stoke-on-Trent to its 2012 rebirth, Belstaff has always been the go-to model for durable and sensible outerwear. Right now Belstaff's "Phoenix" is among the most recognisable logos as the brand collates a mass celeb following together with David Beckham, Ewan McGregor and Tom Cruise. With their emphasis on motorcyclists, Belstaff has produced a spread of premium leather and waxed cotton jackets for close to 100 years. Here at Oxygen Clothing, you can see a tremendous range of Belstaff jackets, knitwear and accessories, all crafted to Belstaff's highest quality.

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Belstaff model of England has formed the sport of motorcycle racing and the picture of widespread moto tradition for over one hundred years- from nearly the inception of bikes themselves. With Belstaff garments adorning riders like Che Guevara and Steve McQueen in a few of the most iconic moments of motorcycling's cultural history, to say Belstaff has a wealthy heritage in motorcycling can be a severe understatement- Belstaff garments developed alongside the machines and the tradition, each influencing the other.

This decade sees the introduction of synthetic fabrics. The famous Belstaff XL500 - one of many first jackets obtainable in colors other than black - is made in a specifically developed nylon referred to as 'belflex' that provides such a mix of durability and wearability that versions of the XL500 are nonetheless obtainable 45 years later.

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