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Choosing Low Heel Running Shoes

Many serious runners advocate low heel running shoes because they believe that the less shoe the better when it comes to running long distances. Many runners develop a love affair with their shoes because the runner is only as good as her shoe. The runner's shoe has to fit her particular running style if the love affair is to blossom.

Over the past few years running has become a very popular sport with all age groups. Some people run simply to lose weight and to stay in shape. Others run competitively and enter several races each year and compete at a national level.

Whether a person runs for trophies or just to stay in shape he will need the right shoe. The person who needs more ankle support will want to look at a high top shoe that will keep his ankle in place. Others who do not need the extra ankle support can use the traditional low top style shoe.

How to pick the right foot ware has become an art and science. Many people will go to the athletic store and try on a pair and walk right out without giving the selection much thought. Others will go from store to store and try on several different brands and styles before making their choice.

Each person is different and what works for one will not work for another when it comes to picking the right foot gear. The foot ware should be comfortable to wear when one first tries it on at the store. There is a myth that a shoe will feel better after it is broken in but if it does not feel comfortable the instant it is fitted it will never feel comfortable. For some runners comfort is everything when it comes to choosing the proper foot ware.

Some people will go to an athletic store which specializes in runner's gear and ask to be fitted by an experienced foot gear sales person. The sales person will choose the best foot gear based on the runner's style and foot type. Some people need more support in their arch while others need more support for their ankle.

Never buy a shoe based only on cost. There are many types of running shoes that are reduced in price which look like a good bargain. But the reality is that cheap foot gear could lead to injury and an expensive medical bill which is no bargain. Foot gear does not have to be expensive by any means because some of the best shoes are priced very affordably. The point is that one should not simply buy foot ware because it has been marked down in price and seems like a good deal.

Many people like low heel running shoes because they believe that lightweight foot ware is more comfortable for their feet. People who need ankle support might want to go with a higher top foot gear because the high top binds their ankle tighter. Choosing the right foot gear is an important task and price should not be consideration when it comes to the proper foot ware.