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Choosing the Right Lingerie For That Dress

There's nothing like that elated feeling you get when you find the perfect dress. It's the right length, a gorgeous cut and colour and fits all your curves in the most flattering way - it's just perfect, and you can't wait to get out on gorgeous summer days, or to hit all this year's hottest parties, to show it off.

However, there are various pitfalls that could turn your fashion dream into a style nightmare and these are all too easy to stumble across when it comes to choosing the other items and accessories you'll be wearing alongside your new number.

With the wrong shows, for example, your dress could transform into part of a mis-matched outfit that will only bring you to shame as you look in the mirror, and the same goes for your choice of bag and accessories.

What's more, choosing the wrong lingerie could result in a public display of your bra, unmatching and unattractive colours and the dreaded visible panty-line that plagues so many women when wearing well-fitting dresses.

However, getting that gorgeous new dress gives you the chance to go lingerie shopping and there is nothing like getting yourself some sexy new lingerie that will make you look and feel great. Whatever style your dress is, the right lingerie can make all the difference to the end result. For example, it might actually complement the dress if you allow a little bit of lace to show at a scooped neckline, particularly if the colours go well together and create what looks like another part of the dress. Or perhaps discreet is a better plan of action, in which case the correct bra may be plain and prudent.

For strapless dresses, strapless bras are a good purchase, though you can also get bras that have transparent straps for added comfort while still offering an invisible, natural look for your shoulders.

As for underwear, matching lingerie can really help you feel sexier in that gorgeous dress. Thongs prevent any embarrassing knicker-sightings from the back, meaning you won't have to worry about your rear end looking anything but flawless in your new dress.

If you're really hoping for the flawless look, seamless lingerie connecting all of your underwear in a single slip-on item can both reduce unsightly lingerie lines and shape your body in all the right places.

There are so many different types of lingerie available that it'll be easy to find the right kind for you, meaning you'll be sure that your first outing in that beautiful dress will be perfect.