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Review On Bravo?s Work Out

Work Out, a fitness-based docu-drama featuring trainer to the stars, Jackie Warner and the opening of her new workout facility, was Bravo's sleeper hit of the summer of 2006. Work Out gained viewers near the end of its short television run, drawing in an audience of close to one million for its finale. The finale was above and beyond the most viewed episode of the show, inspiring Bravo President, Laura Zalaznick, to consider another installation of the series.

Zalaznick states, ?We are doing jumping jacks in the halls today at Bravo. With Work Out we?ve introduced a dynamic new personality, Jackie Warner, who has connected and inspired viewers with her passionate and focused approach to life.?

Jackie Warner, owner of Sky Sport and Spa in Beverly Hills, California, is an out and proud lesbian who engaged viewers with an honest look at her professional and personal life. Much of the reality series focused on Jackie?s love relationship with then girlfriend Mimi, a woman 10 years Warner?s junior. Warner opened Sky Sport and Spa in 2004, coming to the attention of Bravo after a cameo appearance in Jonathan Antin?s reality series Blow Out. The source of most of the show?s success is the rollercoaster of a relationship between Warner and her younger girlfriend, both of whom battle for control of each other. As Sky Sport develops as a celebrity work out center, media and public attention grows tenfold for Jackie, who travels all over the country to train famous and wealthy clients. Mimi responds to the frequent trips with anger and jealousy; in fact, her jealous rages included throwing a drink at Warner in a bar, biting Warner?s hand until she drew tears, and stomping on pictures of Sky Sport?s female clientele. The finale brings the relationship problems to a new level, as Mimi is carried out of Warner?s celebration by security. Warner was left with no choice but to accept that the relationship does not fit her professional lifestyle.

Work Out gave its viewers an unfettered glimpse into the 24/7 life of a professional woman who identifies as a lesbian. Another central issue during the series was the strife between Warner and her mother, a highly religious woman who shuns her daughter?s personal life. All audiences, straight and gay, male and female, can relate to Warner?s unbridled passion for success and her quest to live a well balance life of career, family and personal growth. Audiences hope to see Work Out return for another run on Bravo in 2007.