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TAG Heuer's Avant-Garde Eyewear

We all know that TAG Heuer is famous for their watches. The company's innovative chronographic designs have made history. Ever since the first dashboard chronograph was invented by them, we have had to sit up and take notice of these forward thinking visionaries. TAG Heuer has had many firsts during the past 150 years, the first wrist worn chronograph, the first chronograph to measure 1/100th of a second, etc. They are always searching for new and inventive ways to keep time, more accurately and with greater style. TH doesn't rest on the accomplishments of the past, they strive for more, and continually turn out amazing products. Their chronographs are legendary, but did you know that TH makes precision eyewear, as well? They have taken their quest for excellence and begun creating cutting edge eyeglasses and sunglasses. Their eyewear line is made up of an array of technologically advanced materials, designs, and styles.

First up is the TH Rimless Curve Sunglasses. These were developed for racing, and feature flexible Titanium temples. The temples on these glasses are coated by a elastomere material, allowing the wearer to place a helmet, comfortably over them. These sun glasses are so ergonomically sound that they have been endorsed by Formula One, Le Mans Series, and race drivers across the board. Comfort is certainly an issue for drivers, but weight and functionality of the glasses is key, as well. The TH Rimless Curve glasses are fitted with polymide lenses, which are virtually indestructible. In addition to their durability, these materials make the Rimless Curve super-lightweight.

The 27 Air is another one of the amazing glasses from TH. The 27 Air collection is a series of sport luxury eyewear. Built using a patented design blueprint, these glasses are held together by invisible hinges. Originally invented for China's World Cup Team, the 27 Air is created to pair with any one of 18 different lenses, giving the wearer total versatility. The glasses have been custom invented for all sports, by creating light as air, sturdy frames, and matching them with whichever shield needed, at the time.

The TAG Heuer Curve is another great collection of sunwear. These glasses are fitted with new age, high tech lenses. These lenses are made of the most efficient, high performing materials known. The lenses are polarized and offer a photo chromatic effect. These glasses are unyielding and perform effortlessly for downhill skiing and other extreme sports. The TAG Heuer collection of glasses do more than just shield the sun, they are designed to enhance the experience.