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What Is Irresistible Arm Candy?

The explanation of "arm candy" is simply a beautiful work of art called an "it" bag, that women love to carry. The designers mentioned in this article have certainly made a name for themselves in the high fashion world. What did they design that caused women to be so intrigued?

Fendi Baguette

In 1998, Silvia Venturini Fendi, designed the Baguette to be a small piece of art that would enhance any outfit. Despite the fact that it can just about fit keys, lipstick and a couple of credit cards, the Baguette continues to be a most popular purse. This little bag is ideal for the busy, modern woman to doesn't have time to go home to change bags for the evening.

Fendi re-issued the Baguette for a limited run in six of its most popular designs. This re-issue coincided with the launch of a new book about the original It-Bag: Fendi Baguette. Women have always had many choices of fabrics to pick from with the Baguette. The Baguette certainly falls in the category of "arm candy"!

Dior Saddle

This bag started a trend for heavy handbag embellishments and of course the equestrian women were intrigued by the inspiration of a horse's saddle. It has a lot going on with stirrups, buckle, rivets and various spurs and horsy bits. Oh, by the way, it totally changed bag shapes. Dior Saddle bags are always expensive and come in exotic python or alligator to French toile du jour. It is very hard for knockoff artists to duplicate. This is "arm candy" unlike the others!

Chloe Paddington

Chloe came up with the idea of creating a limited edition bag that would automatically make a woman feel she belonged to a trendy club. This bag would cost more than an average month's salary. Remember the words, "arm candy"? This is a distinctive, large bag with an over-sized lock. It would have the shape of a doctor's bag. The bag would make her feel like a rich, rock star. In 2005, it reached the peak of fame and is still on a long waiting list for most women.

Mulberry Bayswater

This designer handbag was stripped of all excess. There is no pockets, rivets, tassels or chains. Some say it is a plain and timeless bag that is both classy and classic. It can be very versatile depending what fabrics it is created in. This "arm candy" looks great in shocking pink ostrich or bronze mirror metallic. This bag can communicate without saying a word.

YSL Muse

The YSL Muse, which was created in 2006, is very often sold out. It is extremely popular with celebrities and has been seen slung over the shoulder of Naomi Watts, Jennifer Lopez, Kate Moss, Jessica Alba, and many others. This purse, is in the design of a roomy oval with its double zip and big straps, is perfectly proportioned and gives the owner instant class. That is what "arm candy" will do for you!

Please note that all of these bags have the distinction of being voted some of the greatest "it" bags ever!

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